Update ESTA USA for Danish Citizens

If you have already been issued a travel authorization (ESTA), you can update certain address information related to your next visit to the United States. Your ESTA should be corrected before you check into ensure your latest travel itinerary is recorded. You can make an ESTA update multiple times for multiple trips without applying for a new travel authorization. However, information related to your passport details cannot be updated. If you have, e.g., been issued a new passport, you must apply for a new travel authorization. Only the latest USA ESTA application issued is valid. Older applications will automatically be canceled at the new one is issued.

The following information can be updated on existing travel authorizations (ESTA):

A change in the following requires a new travel authorization to be obtained:

For travelers who will only transit through the United States, an update to the ESTA application should be made before check-in. The actual travel authorization is recommended to be printed and brought during your US visit. Questions about how to update or obtain a new ESTA can be provided by a third-party ESTA service provider.

Changing Information in the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is a web-based service for citizens of countries participating in the ESTA Visa Waiver Program. Click on the banner to apply for an ESTA authorization. Follow the instructions to answer all questions and submit an authorization application. A processing fee will be required.

You must submit:

Answer the following questions. Questions about eligibility regarding the communicable disease, arrests, convictions, past history of deportation or visa revocation, and others. You will need a travel authorization if you get a passport renewal or you change your name, gender, or country of citizenship. If one of your answers to the VWP eligibility questions has changed, you will need to apply for a new travel authorization. Each new application will incur a $14 fee.

An ESTA application can receive three types of statuses:
  1. Authorization Approved-All applicants who are approved can travel to the United State sin accordance with the VWP.
  2. Authorization Pending–Applicants who have received an Authorization Pending reply will need to visit the website within 72 hours for a final response.
  3. Travel not authorized. Applicants whose ESTA application is denied will need to apply for a visa to travel to the United States.

Once approved, your passport is valid for 2 years or until it expires, whichever comes first. You don’t have to apply during that time unless one of these things changes.Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the ESTA process.


How do I correct a mistake on my ESTA application?

The Update ESTA website allows applicants to check and correct their data before submitting an application. This includes reconfirming the passport number. Before submitting your application with the required payment information, you will need to correct any application data fields.

A new application will be required if an applicant makes a mistake in their biographical or passport information. Each new application will incur a fee. You can correct or update any other errors by clicking on “Check Individual Status” beneath “Check ESTA Status.”

How long will my data be stored?

The ESTA application data is active for as long as the approved ESTA remains valid. This is usually two years or until the passport expires. DHS will keep this information for one more year. After that, it will be archived for twelve consecutive years. This will allow for the retrieval of information for law enforcement, national safety, and investigatory purposes. The number of people who have access to the information will be limited once it is archived. This is in accordance with CBP’s border searching authority and the congressionally mandated border security mission for CBP. CBP matches to enforcement activities and/or investigations, as well as any applications for ESTA, denied; data that is linked to active law enforcement records will be kept accessible for the duration of law enforcement activities.

When should I reapply for ESTA?

In any of these situations, a new travel authorization might be required:

Travel authorization approvals are typically granted for two years or until the passport expires.Upon approval of your application, ESTA will give you dates that are valid.A traveler will need to apply for a new authorization once the previous ESTA authorization has expired or if the applicant’s passport is due to expire.Each new application will incur an additional fee.

It is recommended to apply for ESTA 72 hours before departure

All passport holders from Visa Waiver countries must apply for their ESTA online