When is a good time to travel across the U.S. for Danish citizens?

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Are you a Danish traveler looking to plan a trip to the United States? Then you are probably wondering what’s the best time to travel there. While there are some standard guidelines (avoid peak season such as the end of July or beginning of August, travel during the shoulder season, etc.), here are some specific tips on how to book your perfect US trip at the right time.

It all depends on the region

The climate in the USA varies greatly from one region to another. It is impossible to pinpoint the best time to travel to the USA. A trip to the southeast, for example, is more recommended than a trip to the west coast. A trip to Alaska during winter is best for experienced adventurers. However, other states in the US can be visited in the winter months. The best time to travel is dependent on whether you’re visiting urban areas, national parks, or nature reserves. While some states and regions enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the year, others are best visited during a particular season. Below you will find information about the most popular months to visit some of America’s top tourist destinations.

Best time to visit the Western United States

Many states in the west, such as California, Arizona and Nevada, Utah, Utah, and Oregon, have a desert climate. It is warm during the day and can be quite cold at night. Daytime temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months. These are also the most popular tourist destinations in summer. It can get very cold in the west during winter. Because of the pleasant temperatures and the relatively low number of tourists, the best time to travel to the west is in the spring and autumn.

Best time to visit the East Coast

The climate of eastern America is similar to Central Europe. It is recommended to travel in the spring and autumn for a city tour to New York, Boston, or Washington. You can avoid winter blizzards and hot summer temperatures. If you don’t mind the cold but still want to see The Big Apple at Christmas, you can travel in December.

Best time to visit Florida

Florida isn’t known as the Sunshine State because it has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Like all states, Florida has its best months to visit. It is best to travel between December and May. Florida is vulnerable to severe weather conditions during hurricane season (June through November). It is possible to travel in Florida during hurricane season, as the state’s residents and accommodations are prepared for any possible hurricanes.

Best time to visit Alaska

Alaska is a huge state, home to many black and grizzly bears… There are many things to do in Alaska: you can climb Mount McKinley and visit Kodiak Island’s wild beaches. You can also see bald eagles in the quiet wilderness. Alaska’s temperatures can vary greatly: in summer, you can expect to experience temperatures of 35 degrees, and in winter, temperatures as low as -60. It can snow in June and July. The weather in Alaska’s far north is cold and icy. The summer days are long, and the winter is short. You can also see the spectacular spectacle of the Northern Lights in this area. If you don’t mind being cold, or if hiking is your thing, you can go between May and September. Save the rest of the year if the cold isn’t too scary and you are looking to ski or cross-country ski.

Best time to visit Hawaii

Hawaii is a small corner of paradise in the United States. It has beautiful beaches, stunning seas, and a tropical climate. This is the perfect combination for an adventurous trip. Admire the unique island’s vegetation, and then go surfing at one of the many clubs. Because it is the hottest season, tourists visit Hawaii in December and February. They are actually almost constant throughout the year. It is a little hotter in June than in October and rains more frequently between December and March. These differences are minor, and Hawaii can be visited all year.

Remember to apply for ESTA

As a Danish citizen, there’s no need for you to apply for a B1/B2 tourist visa to the USA. You can take advantage of the visa waiver system called ESTA to travel hassle-free. You can apply for an ESTA USA at any time. Filling out the application does not require you to know the exact date of your trip to the USA. Travelers can decide when they will arrive in America after the ESTA is granted. The ESTA is valid two years after it is granted. This gives you a lot of flexibility when planning your trip. You can postpone your departure date without needing to apply for a new ESTA or to notify immigration about any changes. You can travel with the ESTA as long as the two-year validity period has not expired and all details of your passport are correct.

If a traveler discovers that their destination is better suited for a particular trip, they can simply use their ESTA to go back later. You must ensure that your passport is still valid and that you haven’t moved to another country. You will need to apply to the ESTA again if you have a new passport or move to another country.


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It is recommended to apply for ESTA 72 hours before departure

All passport holders from Visa Waiver countries must apply for their ESTA online