Top 15 Destinations in the US for Danish travelers

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is  The United States is an immense country spanning over 50 individual states, multiple climates, and four different time zones. Danish travelers looking to travel to the US will have to choose what to focus on: there’s just not enough time to visit it all in one go.

From New York City’s incredible urban landscape to Alaska’s towering heights, from the landmarks of the Monument Valley to California’s vineyards and lush valleys, the US is full of diversity, uniqueness, and grandeur.

Danish visitors to the US will undoubtedly want a taste of the US’ famous cityscapes. Still, as lovers of the outdoors, Danish citizens will also enjoy and savor the marvels of the American outback. Today, we compiled for you a list of the top 15 destinations in America that is sure to satisfy any kind of enthusiastic visitor from Denmark.

Let’s dive into it!

The definitive top 15 destinations for first-time travelers to the United States

Are you a Danish citizen traveling to America for the first time? Here are a couple of travel hacks that will get you a long way in America:

  1. Pack a rain jacket. The subtropical regions of America, such as Louisiana and Florida, get plenty of rainfall, but harsh winds and showers can be expected even in New England, Washington, Alaska, and the Great Lakes states. Pack a rain jacket to protect you and your equipment from the elements.
  2. Beware of debit cards: credit cards are a staple of the US payment system, but debit cards may be rejected more than you think, especially by hotels. It’s a good rule to take a credit card – which hotel staff may require when you check in – and cash.
  3. Tipping is widespread: for Europeans, tipping sounds like a messy endeavor, as it requires calculation and awkwardness. But in America, many waitpersons make most of their money through tips. High-quality service is highly rewarded in America, and taking it for granted is considered extremely unpolite. If you are served a great meal with excellent service, be sure to leave a generous tip. 15% should be enough as a general rule, but if the service was particularly pleasant, do add up to 25% of the total bill.
  4. Bureaucracy and immigration hassle-free: if you are a Danish citizen, you should get an ESTA to the US if you are planning a short trip of fewer than 90 days. Apply for ESTA on our homepage and receive it in time before your trip to ensure you are granted entry into the United States.

Enough with the tips. let’s start planning your journey! Where are you headed? Here are 15 must-see destinations for your first trip to America!

New York City, New York

No trip to the US can ever be deemed authentic without a visit to the Big Apple. NYC offers incredible diversity with a cosmopolitan attitude of a magnitude incomparable to most people. From Manhattan’s dazzling and cinematographic cityscape to Brooklyn’s eclectic mix to the artistic Queens and Bronx neighborhoods, NYC is almost a state in itself and considered borderline too unique even by most American standards.

Watkins Glen State Park

In Upstate New York, Watkins Glen is one of the most mesmerizing natural marvels of America. It is home to 19 gorgeous waterfalls surrounded by incredible forests and gorges that are best experienced in the fall. The Rainbow Bridge and Falls are well worth the trip on their own.

Boston, Massachusetts

One of the oldest cities in America. It symbol of independence and progressive politics in the nation, Boston, has, in the last decades, reinvented itself to become a more cosmopolitan and more inclusive space for hundreds of thousands of visitors. Known for its large port, its characteristic architecture. Its New England folklore and customs, the city is also surrounded by the top learning institutions in the world – Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many more.

Nashville, Tennessee

The City of Music is world-famous for its association with country music, as well as the genres of soul and blues. Widely considered the Jewel of the South, Nashville is an inclusive city with an exciting nightlife and live music scene and some of the tastiest restaurants in the country.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is, in many ways, the very incarnation of American diversity. There’s a deep, powerful spirituality hovering on its streets that reflects and embraces its past as a slave trade port and as a place of reinvention and rebirth. The complexity of the place sometimes leads to a conflictual relationship with its present, but that’s also why locals love New Orleans: it does not compromise – it is effortlessly its own thing. If a city ever had an individuality, it would be New Orleans. And the food scene is out of this world.

Monument Valley, Utah

This natural wonder has been made immortal by countless movies and has been marked in our minds as the epitome of the American West. Yet, seeing it for the first time is an experience many people have difficulty describing.

San Francisco, California

One of the most sought-after places in America to live, San Francisco is a historic metropolis world-famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, morning mist, progressive politics, and association with the Silicon Valley. There’s a moment in our lives where everybody wishes they could live in San Francisco. Today, the city features eclectic neighborhoods, an incredible food scene, and outstanding architectural and natural beauty.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places you can visit. This park covers almost 3500 miles and is home to stunning canyons, impressive mountains, beautiful waterfalls, fascinating geysers, and incredible steep canyons. It also has much wildlife, such as buffalo, grizzly bears, and elk. It is also home to the rainbow-sheen Grand Prismatic Spring. This is the third largest spring on Earth and is more profound than 10 stories. It’s also a vast place, with over 4,000,000 tourists visiting annually.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, a beautiful body of blue water, rests peacefully in Mount Mazama. This incredible caldera covers 53 square kilometers and is 2000 feet deep. It was created by an explosion that occurred more than 7 million years ago. It is the deepest lake of its kind in the USA. The lake is a stunning reflection of the surrounding landscape, with its white cliffs and snowy peaks that flank it. You can either go scuba diving in the enticing, clear depths or just enjoy the stunning view.

Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City might seem like an odd one on this list. Sure, the view of Lake Michigan is great, but it feels like more of a place to do business than a place to visit from Denmark.  But Chicago is, without a doubt, THE mix you need to savor the American Midwest. Welcoming people and great dining spots, as well as a beautiful cityscape, make Chicago an underrated destination.

Maui, Hawaii

Called “The Valley Island” and often dubbed the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands. Maui is paradise on Earth for most visitors. Timeless, lush, green landscapes ending in sandy white beaches and deep-blue waters, surrounded by majestic mountains and a serenity that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Austin, Texas

A hub for progressive, inclusive politics in a primarily conservative state, so much so that they sarcastically refer to it as the “People’s Republic of Austin,” the city is known for its live music scene, its laid-back yet entrepreneurial lifestyle, and green spaces. Austin is the best version of Texas you can find: homely, welcoming, and incredibly charming.

Charleston, South Carolina

The first time I traveled to the United States, I missed out on Charleston. It seemed like too small of a place in a relatively quiet state to interest me. To say I was wrong was an understatement. Now I brag to everybody that Charleston is a must-see to grasp the true essence of America, and for good reason. The charm, relaxed landscape, historic architecture, and hospitality of this city still amazes me to this day.

Savannah, Georgia

One of the most celebrated cities in the Southern United States, Savannah is a gorgeous mix of past and present hospitality. The locals are famously friendly and welcoming of both national and international visitors, and the cuisine is spectacular.

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National Park is one of Alaska’s most famous and popular destinations. It contains the prominent Denali peak (also known as Mount McKinley), is a protected wilderness area that allows wildlife to be viewed. You can spot bears, moose, and wolves while you walk along the Savage River, admire Wonder Lake’s stillness, or hike through Polychrome Pass.

What did you think? Did you find the perfect spot for your US trip, thanks to our guide? Stay tuned for more news on traveling to the US and other travel tips!


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