Things to do on Mount Hood (Besides skiing or snowboarding)

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Although Mount Hood Meadows in Oregon is known for its incredible snow covered landscape and adrenaline – pumping winter sports , it could be just so fascinating to those who don’t want to take on ski holiday , or as rather will trip in the sunny ones months of the summer . Located only an hour’s drive east of Portland , Mount Hood might be perfect place to escape the city and surround yourself with nature . Whether you want to explore the National Forest, hike the Pacific Crest Trail or just relax of in the cozy alpine cabins , there is something in Mount Hood for you to make (there not involves standing _ on a board or on skis!).

White Water Rafting

If you want to try outdoor activities , but not have bright to snow , so can you take to the Deschutes River to try white-water rafting. The routes takes you through the scenic valley with a breathtaking landscape around you. While certain parts of white water are not too delicate souls . Deschutes River offers rafting for all ages and abilities so that everyone can join in! This can be one fun summer activity for the whole family .

Mount Hood Railroad

For a more peaceful look on the fantastic nature can you take a trip on Mount Hood Railroad . These calm train journeys walks through the Hood River Valley in the snow covered landscapes in winter , pastel-pink flowers in spring and lush green meadows in the summer months . You can choose one relaxing day trip where you can see the world around or take a trip with friends on a Murder Mystery evening .

Put on walking tours

Whose hiking is something for you, then you are in luck because Mount Hood and the surrounding areas regions provides some amazing paths to both to challenge and charm you. Mount Hood National Forest has even over 1000 miles of hiking trails , so you run never run out of paths to explore . Regardless of whether you want to one casual trip to Ramona or Tamanawas Falls, or if you just pass through Mount Hood on your hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, you are safe to stay _ surprised by Mount Hood’s natural beauty .

Mount Hood Cultural Center & Museum

If you want to know more about the story and the culture in Mount Hood, you must take to the local museum and cultural center that offers one fan of permanent and varying exhibitions . Located in Government Camp you will find the museum that offers on art and historical collections , and which gives you an insight in the area , which will make you appreciate _ _ this region further .

Relax in a spa

One of the best ways to relax of after one day on the slopes ( or from everyday life ) is to enjoy one of Mount Hood’s many luxurious spas . The Spa at Mt. Hood provides the guests cedar wood saunas, bathtubs , relaxation rooms with fires and one tea garden , not to mention a wide range of massage and beauty treatments . One spa day will be a real oasis of relaxation and a good one place to get a few hours of peace .

Enjoy wine tasting

One other way to come out and Explore nature continues _ sample some of Mount Hood spectacular vineyards and orchards to try some of the delicious ones local raw materials that are created in the region . An example on this is Pheasant Valley Winery, which makes it possible to walk on discovery , before some of Oregon’s finest wines.


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