The 5 most popular country music festivals in the United States

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Country music have developed in the last several years _ and have got more and more fans and popularity , mostly on reason of its development to one more “popped ” sound . The texts affects normally one feeling , and itself the melodies are often quite catchy. Whether you are an old school country music lover or one newer fyn , is to hear your favorite artists personally one experience as none second . Fortunately fans can usually find _ one summer festival that will fulfill this experience . Thank you be the occurrence of country music in the US you should have no problem finding a festival in your area . From Arkansas to Wisconsin , you can find big names before foundry music . But if you’re a Midwesterner, you’ve hit the spot Country music the jackpot . Regardless the reason offers Wisconsin _ more country festivals each years than anything other things place in the United States.

Country USA music festival

One of the largest festivals , Country USA Music Festival, May exist in Oshkosh, WI. It lasts in three days and offers on popular country stars , such as Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins, Alabama, and Scotty McCreery. It is possible to camp on the festival and in many hotels and motels in the area . But since it is one much popular festival, it is best to book a hotel/motel in good time !

Summer party

One other popular music festival is Summerfest, which plays every year in Milwaukee, WI at Summerfests grounds . Although it is a festival for all genres of music , you can always find one popular country artist who plays on one of the big scenes . Each year 800-900,000 guests attend in Summerfest. You can find new country artists on some of the smaller ones scenes and popular country artists at the most important ones stages . Although there are general ones prices for Summerfest, you will have to to buy separate tickets for some _ of the main names .

Country Thunder

Country Thunder is one much popular festival that is held every summer in many states. Fans can take part in one of Country Thunder festivals in Florida, Arizona or Wisconsin. This festival runs from the middle of March in Florida, to July in Wisconsin. Country Thunder lasts in three days , and many country music main names are playing one of the three days .

Country Jam USA

Country Jam USA is one second country festival to be held in July in Eau Claire, WI. Country Jam USA is yet one three-day festival that features on talents , such as Toby Keith, Keith Urban, and Jake Owen.

CMA Fest

These are all cool festivals to see country music talent , but by far the biggest and most popular country music festival is CMA Fest. This festival runs for four days at the center of country music , Nashville, TN. If you don’t able to find one of your favorite country artists on this festival, then are n’t you looking hard enough ! More than 80 top names in country music , both individuals and groups , can exist on this popular party. Nashville, where many of the best country musicians exists , you find the largest one collection of country music throughout the United States.

Regardless where you live in the United States, there is a country music festival which is not far from you. For multi-day festivals you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300, depending of how long you want to participate , and if bigger _ artists are included in the ticket . If you are a true country music fan , you will have no problem finding festivals to attend in from spring to the summer throughout the United States.

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