Is it safe for a girl to travel alone in the United States as a Danish citizen?

ESTA på dansk

It is indeed safe for a solo Danish female traveler to visit the US. At least, it is as safe as any country in the world. It is actually safer than most other countries. Harassment or other violent acts against women are not the responsibility of any woman. Experienced travelers and government agencies can show you how to travel safely.

The United States of America has 323,100,000. This is a large number, which means that we have more crime. However, this is only by numbers, I.E., 12,000,000 people are more criminals than 330,000,000. The US actually had fewer mass shooting deaths between 2008-2016 (8 years) than France in 2015. Comparatively, France has only 66.9 million citizens while the United States has 323.1million citizens. The US has had fewer mass shooting deaths over the past eight years than France in a single calendar year.

The trend is going downhill as more people during the pandemic realize the value of good hospitality. Many cities in the US are now safer and more welcoming than ever, especially places in the Midwest and the South, which endure a bad reputation.

Nonetheless, it’s the traveler’s responsibility to stay safe, as crimes may occur. Especially petty crimes like theft, which are also common in many parts of Europe. Therefore, we have gathered some safety trips for solo female travelers to enjoy their vacation in full safety.

Tips for Solo Female Travelers to the US

Learn to defend yourself

Many women claimed that they used self-defense techniques such as martial arts. They also stated that they believed in following their gut instincts and practicing self-defense tactics like martial arts. You should always have pepper spray, a knife, a notebook, or any other item that could be used to summon help.

Group tours

Going on guided tours or group tours is a great way to save money. Others emphasized the same strategies they use at home, such as not walking alone in dark places, never drinking alcohol that hasn’t been poured, and being open to the possibility of meeting a stranger.

Split up your cash

Women suggest that they carry two phones just in case the first is stolen. Some suggested that you divide your belongings and cash, so you don’t lose everything if you are robbed.

Use apps

Noonlight, RedZone and MayDay are all free applications that allow women to flag danger areas and indicate how to get in touch with local authorities.

Be alert

Prepare to be bombarded when you get off the bus, train or airport. These are some of the most intense moments in solo travel. It is important to know where you are going and what you want. You can walk away from the situation and observe for a while before you make a decision. When you travel alone, overnight buses can be very dangerous.  Many female travelers stated that dressing in accordance with local customs, such as modest clothing, was a sensible choice.

Get to know the locals and make friends

Making friends with locals is a great way to be safe, as long as you feel safe in the presence of the locals you befriended. Older men and women can be especially friendly and are respected by their society. They will be able to take you under their wing if you can strike a connection with them. Let them know how much you’ll be in the area for, and ask them for help if you feel unsafe. It’s also essential to learn English properly so that you can exchange a few words of conversation and how to greet, thank, and respond in an emergency.

Safety first

Plan ahead. Although spontaneity is great for a vacation, there are some things that should not be left to chance, like airport transfers or other transportation. Saving money is not worth risking your safety. The greatest threat to safety for travelers is the lack of reliable, safe transport, which may force you to walk alone at night or stay in unsafe places.

Only stay where you can lock your door

Try to stay where there are other travelers. You should not stay in a place where there is only you. Make sure that you have the key to your bedroom when you go to bed. This may sound silly, but it can be a game-changer in most situations. First of all, you’ll feel safe and sleep peacefully. If you do feel threatened by somebody knocking at your door, use your voice to shout and scream to alert the neighbors and the authorities. Don’t sleep with complete strangers in remote places as things could turn sour or downright threatening to your safety. As a rule, if you are traveling with strangers, bring a trusted local friend you feel safe with.

Use dating apps

It sounds strange to use an online dating app when you’re traveling alone, but it can be a great experience. First of all, it’s a great way to meet new people, especially in the US. Locals will show you around and be there for you in case you need a backup plan. Even if you don’t meet up, the people you chat with can share great tips. Make your intentions clear from the get-go: many women in the US only use dating apps to find friends, not potential dates. And if you do meet up, do so in public places at the right time where there are other people around. It’s also useful to let your friends know where you are going and with whom.

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere you go

Mindfulness is defined as “a mental state that focuses one’s attention on the present moment while accepting and acknowledging one’s bodily sensations and thoughts. It can also be used as a therapeutic tool.” You can also try meditation apps or simply go for a walk and not look at your phone. A little mindfulness can help you relax and make your travel experience more enjoyable. Many women find that practicing mindfulness during their trips helps them to relax and better savor the experience.


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