8 Cheap Places to Visit in the US on a Budget

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Traveling on a budget can be a difficult task as you have to be very careful in choosing what you spend your money on. But planning a trip to the US is quite manageable if you know which states and cities are cheap to travel around. Here are a few affordable destinations in the US:


Las Vegas

At first glance, Las Vegas may seem like the place you go when you’re ready to risk losing everything you have, but aside from gambling, it’s actually cheaper to fly to Las Vegas and book a hotel than the most other cities. There is also plenty of free entertainment for both children and adults.

Grand Canyon

A trip to explore this amazing sight in Arizona is worth the effort, and the best part is that you can see the Grand Canyon without spending a lot of money. Camping here is also really cheap and you can even get in for free on certain days.



Breaking Bad fans have made this cheap destination in New Mexico an extremely popular tourist attraction, but there is much more to discover in this town besides the places seen in the series. There are a number of festivals you can attend, such as the Balloon Fiesta, and Albuquerque lets you enjoy a multicultural experience in everything from the history of New Mexico to its diverse cuisines.


Salt Lake City, Utah

If you want to save up for a ski trip during the winter, this is a great place to visit. But you can also go to Salt Lake City for an affordable vacation in other seasons. Go hiking on the many mountains, visit museums and the zoo or experience the impressive view of Utah’s Great Salt Lake.


San Antonio

San Antonio is best known for the Alamo, but there is plenty to explore in this historic Texas city, and the food is very reasonably priced. The River Walk is another popular attraction among San Antonio visitors with no shortage of sights and sounds to keep you spellbound.


Williamsburg, Virginia

Take a trip through American history in Colonial Williamsburg village, or visit Busch Gardens for fun and entertainment. You can take the Jamestown ferry for free to make the most of your budget vacation.


Memphis, Tennessee

There is a lot to explore in this city, especially for music fans, as Elvis Presley’s home – Graceland – is located here and you will find signs of Elvis everywhere in Memphis. Several museums can be visited for free, and the thriving music life on Beale Street is a truly unique experience.


Dallas-Fort Worth

You will love this place if you have always been fascinated by cowboys and the wild west. There’s a free trolley you can hop on to explore the Texan town, and there are many shows at Fort Worth’s cattle ranches. Prices are generally reasonable for the various attractions found in this city.

Although it can usually be difficult to find a hotel for less than $100 per night in most states, you can find many inexpensive places all over the United States thanks to Airbnb. Regardless of where you choose to go, it’s important to plan and get the most out of your vacation on a limited budget.

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